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Thanks for visiting! We've been online since August of 2006 and the site has grown tremendously. I don't know for sure that we're the only Dr. B forum on the net, but I'm confident we're the best Dr. B forum on the net.

If you've never visited the site, most of the forums are readable by unregistered guests and you can peruse the public forums by clicking here. Some forums, and most of the features, are accessible only to registered members. This keeps the site free of spam and trolls. We presently have 2326 members and growing - you should sign up and become #2327!

To avoid any confusion, these forums are to support patients following the "Dr. S. K. Bernstein" medically supervised weight-loss diet (at Dr. Bernstein Health & Diet Clinics), not the diabetic diet by the "other" Dr. Bernstein. That said, BrianB (see below) is a diabetic and now has normal blood sugars and blood pressure since following the Dr. S. K. Bernstein diet, so maybe this is worth a look even for those searching for information on the other one.

We think you'll find that the Ikonboard software we're using for the forums allows us a suite of features and control that is hard to match: calendars, attachments, private messaging, live chat room, embedded pictures, awesome organization capabilities, avatars, you name it. There's even custom feature for members that lets you generate a handy weight loss ticker (like the ones you'll see in the Staff section below) with a static URL. Our tickers are easier to use and update than any other ticker tool on the web. You can read about this feature here.

However, all this capability is meaningless without good people posting, giving help, and asking for help when needed. We hope you'll sign up and start posting. We have members spanning the range: prospective patients, new dieters, experienced dieters, and those who have reached their goal and are on the Dr. B "maintenance" diet.

About the Staff

Presently we have 7 active staff members: founder BrianB, and moderators Michelle, Paula, Saci, Ada, Shilpa (Shilps), and DaveD. You can get to know them and everyone else on the forums, but here is a little about each of the active staff.

BrianB started the the Dr. Bernstein diet August 2nd of 2006. He was amazed at the rapid results he was getting from the diet and looked around for a support group to learn more about the experiences of others as well as any tips and tricks from more experienced Dr. B dieters. It seems that some groups have come and gone for various reasons, with no high profile group left. Feeling that a high profile group would attract the most Dr. B dieters, and knowing that more members equals more good input and experience, he decided to create this site. BrianB lost 167 pounds in his first 7 months of the diet. After reaching his goal in March of 2007 he has maintained his weight for over a year and is now pursuing gaining weight through bodybuilding. He is in the USA and went to the Clearwater clinic in Florida throughout strict and a year of maintenance.

Michelle started the Dr. Bernstein Diet on March 30th, 2006 at her highest weight and now nearly to her goal weight having lost well over 150 lbs.! Michelle has been yoyo dieting for years, always getting frustrated with the slow pace and giving up long before she reached her goal. With over 10 months under her belt on the Dr. B diet, the results have kept her highly motivated. Michelle reached her personal goal of becoming 'Half of Me'. She lives in Ontario and attends the Oakville clinic.

Paula started the Dr. Bernstein diet on October 26, 2006. This is her second and final time around for this diet. She successfully lost weight on the plan four years ago but did not do maintenance, went back to the eating habits that made her overweight in the first place, and gained all (and then some) of her weight back. Now back, with more resolve and having learned from her mistakes, she is succeeding. She is over 90 percent of the way to her goal and feels like she has truly made this a way of life this time. She lives in Kingston, Ontario and goes to the only clinic in that city.

Saci started the Dr. B diet April 23, 2007. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Saci lost weight quickly and found the forum a life saver. She has gone on temporary maintenance a few times and is now working on the final leg of her weight loss journey. Then, on to maintenance and strength training to be longer off the tee! Having energy and feeling good about oneself are priceless. Saci lives in Alberta and goes to the Avenida Clinic in Calgary.

Ada started the Dr. B diet on May 24, 2007. She had stopped smoking 5 years ago and rapidly found herself caught up in carb addiction as a replacement for nicotine addiction. The pounds kept on coming and coming despite annual resolutions to stop the weight creep and several attempts with other weight loss programs. With her back protesting more and more loudly with each additional pound, and sick of being in frequent pain, she finally decided to bite the bullet and turn to Dr. B. Now, with 30 lbs. lost on strict and another 10 lbs. on maintenance, both Ada and her back are very happy campers indeed. Ada lives in Toronto.

Shilpa (Shilps) started the Dr. Bernstein diet on 14 August 2007. From her teenage years she had always unsuccessfully tried to lose weight. Even going to the gym 6 times a week and seeing a trainer 3 times out of the 6 visits did not produce significant results. After moving to Toronto from the UK in July 2007 she decided, with the support of her husband, to try this diet. Her results, although generally a slower rate of loss than experienced by others, have been fantastic for her and now she is determined to reach her goal and maintain for life. Shilpa lives in Ontario and goes to the Scarborough clinic.

DaveD started the Dr. Bernstein diet on May 31, 2007 He reached his goal and lost 60 lbs. in just over 3 months. He had steadily gained weight since finishing High School and unsuccessfully tried a few of the "fad" diets over the years. Although they worked at getting rid of some of the weight they did not have any success at keeping the weight off. High cholesterol and family history didn't seem to have any real effect on curbing his bad eating habits. It wasn't until having a young family of his own and the desire to "be around for his kids" did he research the Dr.B diet. DaveD feels that these forums in conjunction with the Dr.B diet is a winning formula. He currently maintains his weight in Toronto.

The Rules

We believe in freedom of expression as much as anyone, and want to keep the rules to a minimum. That said, there are some things that won't be tolerated:

  1. No bashing the Dr. B diet. This is a support forum, to help people succeed with the diet. If you want to bash it, go elsewhere. If you do it here, your post will be deleted and you'll be banned. Reasonable questions of course are fine -- if you have a legitimate question or concern, ask! You know the difference between bashing and legit questions.
  2. No spamming. If you've used a product that helped you do the diet and want to talk about it or provide a link, great, that's why we're here. Everyone knows what spamming is -- don't do it.
  3. Uploads are generally permitted in most of the forums. This is to facilitate sharing of pictures, recipes, helpful weight tracking spreadsheets, whatever. But, do not post or upload any copyrighted material unless you are the owner of the copyright. This includes, and especially applies to, any Dr. B materials. If we see any copyright violations posted, we'll nuke it and warn the offender. This is very important.
  4. Be polite and courteous to each other. If you wouldn't say it to someone face to face in the coffee shop, don't say it here. This is a public place and your behavior reflects on all of us.
  5. Only your doctor can give you medical advice. Nothing you read here should be considered medical advice. People are sharing their experiences and offering their support. If you have a medical concern, you should ask your doctor. Along that line of reasoning, we will make every effort not to help someone try to do this diet who is not actually a Dr. B patient. This diet is a "medically supervised" program, and to attempt it on your own without medical supervision would be unwise.
  6. No non-Dr. B dieting discussions. These forums are to support Dr. B dieters. If you're doing something like Dr. B, but outside of the Dr. B clinic, this would not be the place to discuss it.

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